Our Home Grown Sweet Corn, varieties include:

Honey Buns: Honey Buns is a sweet yellow corn that the Burwinkel Family is famous for. It is our most popular variety because of its extreme sweetness and tender crunchiness. Although it may be a smaller ear, honey buns flavor is well worth the exception. Honey Buns is earliest variety we get in the season and the season for it will typically last just a few weeks.

Cream and Sugar Buns: Cream & Sugar Buns is a slightly later variety of bi-color sweet corn that is also extremely popular for those who cannot decide between white or yellow sweet corn. Because it’s a later corn, the ears are usually larger than the Honey Buns variety but the sweetness is comparable to that of the Honey Buns.
Big Buns (aka Sweeter than me): Big Buns is a newer variety for the Burwinkel Family. It is a larger version of the early Honey Buns variety. The ear of corn is larger but still very sweet and crunchy like all fabulous sweet corn varieties should be.

Snow Queen and Silver King: Snow Queen and Silver King are our two varieties of white corn for those white corn lovers. Against popular belief, Silver Queen is no longer the best white corn out there. Farming advances have allowed sweeter varieties of white corn to be produced which are able to hold their flavor longer, are easier to grow and pick, and have a
better overall quality to them. Both Snow Queen and Silver King are among these newly created white sweet corn varieties which are of a better quality. The general trend we see is that the favorite among customers is the Honey Buns sweet corn
along with the Big Buns. Next in line falls the Cream & Sugar Buns followed by the Snow Queen. But, we’ll let you decide. We encourage mixing up the varieties purchased and performing a blind taste testing at home. After all, this is the method the Burwinkel Family uses at home to pick the
next seasons varieties.