About Us

Burwinkel Farms

Burwinkel Farms is small, family-owned farm located in Southwest Ohio, and has been in operation since 1918. Our third-generation farm strives to provide the best produce on the market at a price that doesn’t break the customer’s bank. From the main farm in Ross, OH, our produce is picked fresh and travels daily to different neighborhood roadside stands within the tri-state area. We have locations in Harrison, Colerain, White Oak, Delhi, Western Hills, Fairfield, Sharonville, West Chester, and Cheviot to name a few. Each one of these area markets are run by family or long-time family friends, all with the Burwinkel Farms motto in mind; “Expect the Best from Burwinkel Farms.” The freshness and taste of the produce we provide are the qualities that matter most to us, and with almost 100 years of experience, that’s why Burwinkel’s has become famous for the best corn in town!

Taste the Difference

It’s not rocket science. Fresh, local produce is BETTER. It looks better, it smells better, and it tastes better than what most commercial stores can offer. Why? Produce found on supermarket shelves is typically harvested before peak ripeness in order to reduce mechanical damage during picking and shipping. Typical grocery produce travels hundreds of miles before you see it on the shelves of your local store Burwinkel Farms is able to provide produce that is actually fresh! Our sweet corn is picked EVERY day. Tomatoes and other veggies are picked, on average, every 3 days. We are proud to say that our fruits and vegetables are all non-GMO, including our sweet corn varieties. We are not a certified organic farm; however we strive to follow a minimal use program.

Summer Heat

Every summer, Burwinkel Farms hires local teens and students to help on the farm. The camaraderie and work ethic gained by these kids is one that lasts. Additionally, all four of the 3rd-generation “kids” are highly involved in today’s farm operations. With the knowledge, experience, and guidance of their father, Richard Burwinkel, brothers, Bob and Ryan handle most of the “farming” tasks. While modern farming has made several jobs easier than when the farm first started, these tasks still prove to have their challenges. It takes skill and knowledge to have a successful crop when Mother Nature doesn’t always provide favorable growing conditions. Each year leads to new challenges, but the challenges in the end lead the farm to function better overall. With the help of their mother, Kathy Burwinkel, daughters, Karen and Kate, invest their time more in the retail sales, daily operation, and marketing of the farm. Modern technology has allowed for the Burwinkel Farms name to reach new neighborhoods. However, quality produce and word of mouth is still how Burwinkel Farms has become such a notable name in the community.

Fall Fun

During the month of September, our farm in Ross transitions from a produce market into an October Fall Extravaganza. With over 20+ varieties of locally grown apples, as well as all your fall decorating needs, Burwinkel Farms is the perfect place to take your family for corn stalks, gourds and pumpkins of all sorts, Indian corn, apple cider, and mums. During the whole month of October, our farm also offers a variety of activities for all ages including a corn maze, skid maze, Halloween scavenger hunt, crawl-thru straw tunnel, corn pool, and weekend hayrides to our pumpkin patch and sunflower field (when in bloom). We welcome scheduled group/school field trips for weekday visits, which includes an educational session. What a great way to spend a beautiful fall day! Hours vary, please call 738-1145 for more details.

As a small, family farm, we thank you for your support! Eat Fresh. Eat Local. Eat Smart. Please continue to support small farmers, like Burwinkel Farms, so you can continue to know where your food comes from. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.